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Getting your employees back to work safely is important and maintaining the safety of that environment is just as critical. 


ENTRSAFE allows you to electronically screen for symptoms related to COVID-19 while seamlessly managing employee access passes. All 100% free with approved insurance carriers.




COVID-19 has thrown us all for a loop and returning to a new normal is happening every day. Part of our mission at ENTRSAFE is to help employers and employees get back to work in a safe way. 


By each employee participating in self-reporting and comprehensive administrator management, our platform helps companies to mitigate risk and provide a better “back to work” experience for their people. 


How it Works


Employees receive daily access passes based on responses to the COVID-19 screening questions

In Review

Employee responses that indicate a secondary review is necessary are placed in review status and employers can easily clear for entry once reviewed


When employee responses indicate symptoms associated with COVID-19, they are placed in electronic quarantine 

Comprehensive Admin Dashboard

Our fully integrated admin dashboard allows for complete control of user management, reporting, push notifications, and symptom awareness.

HIPAA Compliance

ENTRSAFE takes the privacy of your company and its employees extremely seriously. As such, we have gone above and beyond on appropriate security and encryption measures to safeguard all information including any and all Protected Healthcare Information. 

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) updated its guidance on April 23,2020 on the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and coronavirus, explaining that employers may screen employees for COVID-19. Any mandatory medical test must be job-related and consistent with business necessity, the EEOC explained.

"Applying this standard to the current circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers may take steps to determine if employees entering the workplace have COVID-19 because an individual with the virus will pose a direct threat to the health of others," the agency stated. 


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